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How it works

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  • 1Choose a live soccer match
  • 2Tap on a favorite market with attractive odds
  • 3Place your bet on the event that will happen next
  • 4Enjoy betting and earn bonuses

The Superlive algorithm ensures the optimal balance between revenue and customer lifetime

Betting system

Events and markets you can choose to bet on

key features

  • Sustain High Margin

    We are striving for your revenue to be sustainable at a level you need and for your clients to stay loyal longer with a cool betting experience

  • Profitable Algorithm

    The Superlive algorithms driven by AI are continuously getting smarter to maximize the lifetime customer value

  • Bonuses for Clients

    Our application entertains your clients by giving away free bets, random multipliers of odds, and other bonuses

  • Ease of Integration

    Our product is flexible and customizable enough to be very conveniently integrated into your platform to meet your technical, brand and operational requirements

  • Symbiotic Risk Management

    We use the power of both advanced machine learning and human domain expertise to control risks

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