Worldwide B2B provider of really new and the fastest “What will happen next?” sports betting product.

Transform each moment into betting.
And multiply your live betting turnover.

What will happen next?

What will happen next?

The evolution of the sports data feed made it faster and more accurate than ever. This opens up new betting opportunities and the road to quick betting.

Quick markets are in-match incidents, the result of which can come in a few seconds, unlike traditional ones, the result of which can be expected until the end of the part or whole match. That turns any match into hundreds of small games that can be bet on.

“What happens next?” is one of quick bets:
  • What is the next incident in a football match?
  • What happens at the next serve?
  • What will happen next incident in a basketball game?

Quick betting outcomes

Quick betting outcomes


Odds range 1,01-50
90+ quick markets per game


Odds range 1,01-35
200+ quick markets per game


Odds range 1,05-9
100+ quick markets per game

Key features

Key features

Stable margin

Our main objective is to ensure sustainable product profitability and maintain player loyality.

Profitable Algorithm

Al-powered SuperLive™ algorithms continually get smarter and maximize customer LTV.

High performance

SuperLive™ architecture is designed for a high load and guarantees stable operation regardless of the sales region and distribution of a customer activity.

Ease of Integration

SuperLive™ is easily integrated into any platform and complies all legal issues and technical standarts.

Double risk management

SuperLive™ risk management is based on advanced machine learning and sports betting analyst expertise.

Bonuses for Clients

Partners manage customer loyality by offering them individual bonuses according to own loyality program.





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